Summit 6 Cluster

Regions of: Akron, Coventry, Springfield, and Green, Ohio
Includes the churches of: Nativity, Queen of Heaven, St. Paul, and St. Francis.

Team Members Fr. Dave Durkee-Queen of Heaven
Fr. Dave Halaiko-Nativity
Fr. Bline-St. Francis
Dave Anthony-Queen of Heaven
Tony Barone-St. Paul
Bill Bertsch-St. Francis (Chairperson)
Gerard Colant-St. Paul
Brian Gabelman-St. Paul
Joe Kachovec-Nativity
Pam Kelley-Queen of Heaven
Kay Metzler-Queen of Heaven (Comm Liaison)
Terry Nesline-St. Paul (Secretary)
Dennis Ott-St. Francis
Marge Scott-St. Francis
Bill Simmons-St. Francis
Deacon Dennis Smith-Nativity (Vice Chair)